oldine lyncia


i want to see the world.

Wow. I need to be there.


Childish Gambino-3005

This is so dope. Very impressive.

Aural delight.

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Tips for Killing a Bad Mood


1. You need to first decide that you want to change your feelings, and that you will make the effort – even if you can’t be bothered.
2. Smile at everyone you meet – even if you feel it’s fake. In time our actions often change the way we feel inside.
3. Look for something you can laugh at –…

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This dude’s hair/style though. Me encanta.

by lehibou
This movie is on tv and I am too hype watching it. That soundtrack was too right! Surprised I still remember most of the lines haha.



Warm Winds on a space ride
When I call your phone on a late night
I recall your soul had taste like…
Gardens, flowers, Warm Winds

how do they front on sza????

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Five dollar gas, and poverty rates, are rising much higher than your hourly rates. So if you thinkin ‘bout quittin you should probably wait, cuz everybody gotta do a fuckin job that they hate.